Where self-awareness and mental health meet

  • Understand your behaviour at the root

  • Strengthen your mindset through self-awareness

  • Replace bad habits with doing what you want

Are you reacting out of emotion?

Is depression or negative thoughts holding you back?

Are bad habits preventing you from doing what you actually want to do?

Do you get triggered for unknown reasons?

Limited self-awareness might already be holding you back in living your best life.

Let's enhance yours

By following a three-step plan.

The importance ...

... of self-awareness.

What other
self-improvers say

“FindYourTriggers is a game changer. If you haven't signed up already, run, don't walk to this amazing tool for mental health and strengthening your mind. Not only does it have an interactive AI journal feature that creates prompts based on your input, it helps fuel growth to become more independent and to understand your triggers and behavior.

I don't go a day without using the app and have grown tremendously as an individual. I can't thank Tristan and his team enough for the value they provide in FindYourTriggers.

Definitely 5 stars and beyond!”

- Ellen Damaso

“I've been a user of FYT since its inception. As I went through hell and back dealing with multiple breakups, tectonic shifts in my life and the emotional waves following those shifts, FYT has proven to be one of the habits most effective in maintaining my emotional discipline.

The awareness of the triggers sometimes is enough to boost my confidence while the AI keeps my arrogance at bay 😊

Truly, this application is one of a kind...”

- Harmen

Your mindspace is yours
and will only ever be yours

  • Your data can only be viewed by you

  • Your data is encrypted

  • Your data will never be sold

React in a calm manner.

Be happier.

Do the things you want.

Understand your behaviour and know where it stems from.

Start your journey to enhanced self-awareness and live your best life.

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