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FindYourTriggers is an AI-powered journal that helps you create self awareness by finding your triggers and improves your mental health by helping you process them, so you can create your dream life.

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5 out of 5 stars

“FindYourTriggers is a game changer. If you haven't signed up already, run, don't walk to this amazing tool for mental health and strengthening your mind. Not only does it have an interactive AI journal feature that creates prompts based on your input, it helps fuel growth to become more independent and to understand your triggers and behavior.

I don't go a day without using the app and have grown tremendously as an individual. I can't thank Tristan and his team enough for the value they provide in FindYourTriggers.

Definitely 5 stars and beyond!”

Ellen Damaso

Create self awareness

By journaling

Self-awareness contributes to better mental health.

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Write down your thoughts and experiences to self-reflect or as an emotional outlet. Use the journal builder to ask yourself the right questions.

Mood tracker

Keep track of your moods and understand on which days you're feeling better or worse.


Get insights on triggers and feelings from your journal entries.



Triggers are specific situations, events, or stimuli that evoke strong emotional reactions in you. These triggers can lead to various emotional responses, including anxiety, anger, sadness, or fear. It's essential to recognize these triggers to improve self awareness and break the cycle of bad habits.



Bad habits

Improve your mental health

By processing your triggers

Get to know yourself better. Find out what your triggers are.

Potential triggers.
FindYourTriggers detects recurring themes and behaviors early on. Potential triggers can be preventively processed before they cause any effects.
These are the causes for your behaviors (effects). Recognizing these triggers contributes to a better understanding of yourself and opens up the possibility to break the chain of bad habits.
Process your triggers. Follow a three step plan: assessment -> planning -> implementing, to replace coping behaviors with new healthy ones.
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“The idea for FindYourTriggers was born out of my own needs, struggles and my pursuit to always improve my self-awareness and mental health.”

Tristan de Wit, founder.

On a mission

To give people the tools they need for fulfilling their dreams.

A lot of people have big dreams and have the potential to reach them and yet they don't. Letting their triggers, of which they don't now the origin and what they mean, dictate their daily lives. FindYourTriggers gives people the tools to understand these triggers and how to process them. In doing so I hope I can help people improve their self awareness and mental health and break out of bad habit cycles.

Have any questions? You can reach me at [email protected].


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